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You have one tooooooo????



Check out an amazing comedian that is not only dirty, raunchy and exciting but it is hilarious! :) The link above is for his Facebook (Duh! I know) and his Twitter is possibly the best. You know someone is doing a great job when they are so honest and downright dirty (YUM!) that they lose followers on Twitter. Check out his Twitter @WingmanBiz.

Oh by the way, this sexy New Yorker will be in Chicago both January 11-12 (Friday and Saturday). I hear his VIP Section is a fantastic place to be. He will be signing books and t-shirts (and selling them for late bloomers to his stuff). You can buy them ahead of time here: 


For anyone that is looking for comedy, especially guys, check this out. This is a small part of his Pilor Episode.


I love all forms of music but DEUCE IS AMAZING!

Well hello…

Let me first say, Merry Christmas to all my friends out there! :)

Talk about cray cray! PSH! Who is ready for some fun times? I AM! IT is almost New Years Everyone….time to make the resolutions we don’t even keep but we make them to make ourselves feel better….I know I sure as hell don’t keep them.

For those who are looking for concerts to do this weekend:

Wedding Banned will be at Sideouts in Island Lake, Illinois this Saturday.

16 Candles is at Firebar and Grill in Crystal Lake, IL  this Friday.

The Giving Tree Band at Double Door in Chicago, IL this Saturday.

There are many more….I can’t even begin to list them. Those are the ones that I would focus on though. I missed you all you pretty people and soon I will have a Facebook Page you can follow. 

Feel free to ask questions, email me and comment on my page. :)

I hope Santa spoiled you all, because I know I sure was spoiled!!!

Everyone has a friend like this!

Everyone has a friend like this!